Patient Guide

Leaving the hospital

When you are well enough to leave our care, we’ll make sure you have what you need to go home. A medical provider will write your discharge orders, instructions and any prescriptions for medicines you may need. The nurse will give you a printed copy of the information and discuss it with you and your loved ones before you go. We encourage you to ask any questions or address concerns you may have at that time. 

Social services and care management 

Care managers work with the health care team to monitor your progress as your condition changes to ensure your discharge plan meets your needs and preferences. Our care management nurses and social workers are your advocates in the hospital.

They work with other care team members to recommend your discharge plan, taking into consideration your personal wishes, physicians’ orders—plus government regulations and services covered by your insurance.

They also connect you to care and services when you leave—from counseling to home care and financial help. They coordinate your arrangements with outside agencies.

Think about your next steps

Please think ahead about the care you may need after you leave. Our care managers can help when you’re our patient, but not after you leave. If you have any questions about care and services, make sure you talk to them before you go.

Once your doctor has signed the medical orders to discharge you, we are no longer authorized to make arrangements, such as skilled nursing care. In that case, you’ll need to contact your primary care provider.

Call Care Management at 503-814-1808 for more information.

Follow-up call at home

If you are returning home, a nurse from Salem Health may call you within the first several days to see how things are going. These discharge callers are a special team that review medicines and discharge instructions with you and answer specific questions that may have come up after you leave. Please share your concerns and ideas on how we may improve.

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